Message from the Director

With new technologies emerging nowadays at full-speed, the technology gap between developing countries and industrial nations continues to widen at an alarming rate. The only hope to tighten this gap is through skilled engineers who are capable of integrating new technologies into the existing systems. In year 2006, and as an Egyptian leading engineering educational institution, the Faculty of Engineering

at Ain Shams University has established the Credit Hours Engineering Programs in critical emerging areas for this purpose. The general goal was to provide quality engineering educational experience and to graduate skilled engineers who can compete in the global market. This newly born system also seeks to offer high quality, student-centered learning environment with an aim to produce engineers equipped with skills, knowledge and keen desire for life-long learning.

The first two programs in Building and Materials Engineering were launched in 2006, followed by another two programs in Communication Systems and Manufacturing Engineering in 2007. In 2009, the Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering Program was also launched. The previous five established programs are already running with plans to add more programs in the near future.

The programs feature dynamic and strong interdisciplinary cooperative education that is different from the traditional mainstream. The system is also based on continuous evaluation and adequate delivery through interactive and critical teaching, as well as engineering reasoning. The curriculums include a socio-economic component with strong emphasis on communication skills and English language proficiency. Balancing the class room theory with practical activity is also fullfilled through a mandatory co-op program with local and foreign industry; thus, providing the market with graduates having enough practical experience in their engineering field. The previous unique features of the programs are finally optimized by the limited number of students in lectures, tutorials and labs, as well as the staff availability to regularly communicate with the students, who can objectively discuss their marks and have full accessibility to their term records.

I strongly believe that the unique features of the Credit Hours Engineering Programs at Ain Shams University will be further enhanced in the near future by the continuous devoted work of the Faculty and Programs' Administrations, as well as by the fruitful contribution of the talented Faculty Members of the Faculty of Engineering. Needless to mention that the devotion and continuous feedback of the students enrolled in the system will always be the milestone for the programs' success.

On behalf of the Credit Hours Engineering Programs' Administration, I would finally like to welcome our newly enrolled Freshmen students and wish all success to our higher levels' students and graduates. I would also like to take this opportunity to assure you of our full undevided devotion to fullfil all our commitments in providing top quality engineering education and upgrading our facilities and infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab El-Ghandour

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